Inhouse Flex Factoring

Cost-effective financing for larger receivable accounts

You wish to obtain flexible financing for larger receivable accounts, and to optimize your balance sheet structure.

Eurofactor Inhouse Flex is intended specifically for companies and company groups who want to finance an accounts receivable volume of at least 10 million Euros. Just as with Inhouse Factoring, the primary aspects are financing and accounts receivable insurance. You sell your receivables to us "in a closed manner".

After running a credit check on your clients, we assume the risk of bad debts within a previously established debtor limit. We then purchase your domestic and foreign receivables in a revolving manner.

Unlike the classic ABS program that places your securitized receivables packages on the capital market, the central advantages of our compact solution include the much lower structuring costs, the much shorter implementation phase, and the higher level of flexibility when you desire contract changes, for example for the inclusion of additional companies within your group. In addition, we offer you individual contract terms. Therefore you receive your liquidity more quickly and are not tied to long planning horizons of several years.

Overview of the advantages

  • Short preparation time, even when financing large receivable accounts.
  • Flexible contract terms (individually negotiated).
  • Program expansions (e.g. including additional companies) are easy to implement.
  • Factoring is not disclosed to customers.
  • Cost-effective form of financing.
  • Diversification of financing sources.
  • Conserves existing credit margins.
  • Improves the balance sheet structure (rating).

Contact one of our sales managers. Together with you, he will analyze your requirements and determine your individual financing profile.