Import Factoring

Beneficial for you and your foreign suppliers

You want to offer resale goods to your customers at competitive prices. This means you are normally dependent on suppliers from foreign countries which produce goods at a lower cost than domestic companies. Since your contractual partners may not be able to fully evaluate your company and the legal conditions in the German market, they frequently deliver on a secured basis, e.g. through a letter of credit or pre-payment.

International Factoring

We offer you the option of using our services and our global connections with our correspondence partner of the Factors Chain International (FCI) to convert to credit accounts. This reduces your administrative efforts and costs, makes processing easier for your foreign contractual partners, and frequently allows you to also improve your purchasing terms.

The fact that the demand for import factoring services coming from foreign countries is increasing shows that this can be of great interest to your foreign partners. In some countries, such as Turkey, securing the export business is one of the basic conditions that must be met in order to supply goods to foreign countries. We assume the service and the trade indemnity directly for a company located in a foreign country or for a foreign factor, for account debtors in Germany who are supplied by the importer or by the clients of the foreign factor.

We are the market leader in Germany and Europe in this business area with a market share of 66 percent in the German market in 2010.

And we are the factor with the 2nd largest import factoring volume worldwide.

Reverse Factoring

Reverse Factoring is a special variation where we also assume the financing for your foreign contractual partner in a tailor-made concept.

Contact one of our sales managers. He will discuss your import factoring opportunities and options with you.