Trade indemnity

Guaranteed protection against bad debts

You have secured a new order in the face of stiff competition, purchased materials, and completed and delivered the product on time with the help of your employees and the use of your machines. But you cannot be sure that the transaction was beneficial to you until the money is "in the bank". Until that time, your profits are at risk due to the potential for bad debts. This is especially true if your partner is in a foreign country.
By using a factor, you can obtain assurance regarding your contractual partner's solvency in the contract negotiation phase. It is very simple:

  • You request a limit for your potential contractual partner from us. Once we confirm our limit, you can enter into the transaction with complete peace of mind.
  • After supplying the products or services, you submit your invoice to us for sale. At the same time, the risk that your customer may be unable to pay is fully transferred to us. Therefore we offer effective protection against insolvency risks and the related bad debts.
  • You receive up to 90 percent of the invoice amount right away, and the rest after the debtor submits their payment - but no later than 120 days after the invoice is due.

If you wish, your existing credit insurance can be integrated.

For more information on factoring, see factoring know-how.

For maximum safety, you can also include our accounts receivable management.