Receivable management

Service, Service, Service

The effort your company expends on accounts receivable management is increasing because your customers' payment practices are worsening. In the export business, you also have to overcome language barriers and establish country-specific know-how.

With our professional accounts receivable management, you gain more time for your core business and realize additional cost savings.

Use our debtor bookkeeping, credit assessment, dunning, and collection services to your advantage.

Upon request, we carry out debtor bookkeeping in a manner that is familiar and traceable for you. You can obtain current daily information via EOL and thus gain more freedom to look after the essentials.

With our credit assessment services, we supply you with information regarding the credit-worthiness and payment habits of your debtors. You can use these data to optimize and expand your customer portfolio in a targeted manner.

Our dunning and collection services support your receivables collection efforts - both in and out of court. You are always kept informed regarding the status of legal cases, even online.