Lowering costs - generating revenues

As a cautious business person, a solid liquidity base for your company is especially important to you. Factoring is an important supplement or alternative to conventional forms of financing.

But factoring offers even more: With our financing solutions based on selling accounts receivable, such as Full Service Factoring and Inhouse Factoring, you also get tangible benefits that add up:

  • With the increase in liquidity, you become able to pay your suppliers more quickly and take advantage of early payment discounts.
  • With our 100 percent protection against bad debts (within the debtor limits established by us), you are protected against sudden customer insolvency. Write-downs are not required. You always have a secure foundation for business calculations.
  • Since selling accounts receivable improves your balance sheet, the equity-to-assets ratio increases and the balance sheet appearance of your company is improved. Today, many banks and suppliers adjust their terms according to their customer's rating. Now you too can profit from this!