Off-balance-sheet solutions

Optimize your balance sheet

You use rating information from credit insurers, rating agencies, and other information providers to evaluate your business partners. This information is mainly based on balance sheet evaluations.

Of course, you know that your business partners obtain information about you in the same way. Banks also evaluate you based on your balance sheet structure. The results of the rating process often determine whether an important line of credit is provided to your company. The financing conditions are often related to your company rating as well. This process will be intensified due to the new requirements for banks under Basel III.

Our off-balance-sheet financing solutions help you to optimize your balance sheet and show financial strength. This expands your freedom to negotiate with your business and financing partners.

By selling your receivables on the asset side and paying down your short-term liabilities on the liability side, your total assets are reduced and the equity-to-assets ratio of your company is improved. This has a positive effect on the evaluation of your creditworthiness and your rating. This can help you improve your financing conditions, and your bank financing requirements are reduced.