Acquisition / MBO / MBI

There are different phases in the life cycle of a company where professional consultation with a specialized accounts receivable financer can provide you with advantages:

Example 1: You plan to purchase a company in order to make your own company even stronger and more competitive. You cannot pay for this "from petty cash", but instead require additional financing from your bank. It should be of interest to you to keep the level of new debt as low as possible. Through our innovative factoring solutions adapted to your acquisition financing requirements (terms of up to seven years are possible), we free up liquidity tied up in your company. Therefore you can improve your liquidity and simultaneously optimize your balance sheet.

Example 2: You have found the right succession partner for your company within management or outside the company. Here, too, using accounts receivable financing offers itself as a way to keep the total financing requirements from operating assets and acquisition financing as low as possible.
In cooperation with your bank or a structured financing specialist, we "round out" the company acquisition financing. But we offer you more than just liquidity. Protection against bad debts is always integrated into our solutions.

We can also offer various additional services during the preparations for the acquisition, such as portfolio verification as part of the due diligence process.

In acquisition financing, we also work together successfully with well-known private equity and auditing companies.