Eurofactor AG extends Management Board

Eurofactor AG has extended its Management Board to three members. In addition to Klaus Taube, up to now sole executive, Stefan Wagner and Peter Klaus were appointed as members of the Management Board effective from March 1, 2009.

„With the extension of the Management Board by appointment of 2 members of the Committee of Directors, we ensure continuity in the company’s management and express our intention to achieve further dynamic growth.” With regard to the strong shareholder background of Eurofactor, Klaus Taube, Chairman of the Board, sees growth opportunities particularly in the actual market environment.

Stefan Wagner will take responsibility for all Front Office functions in the extended board. After joining Eurofactor AG in 2002, Stefan Wagner directed the Risk Management of the company for three years. Afterwards, he headed the business division „Sales and Client Relations“. In 2007 he was appointed as Chief Representative of Eurofactor AG and became also member of the European Management Committee of Eurofactor S.A.

Attorney Peter Klaus will be in charge of all Back Office functions. Peter Klaus joined Eurofactor AG in 1999. After functions within the Legal and Sales Department, he directed the Legal Department since 2002. From 2005 on he was additionally in charge of the divisions “Risk Management and Operations”. In 2007 Peter Klaus pursued his career at the holding company Eurofactor S.A. in Paris and managed an international IT project for Eurofactor Group up to his return at the beginning of 2009.

The extended Committee of Directors consists in addition to the Management Board members of Robert Weckop (International) and Stefan Kroll (Finance, Controlling, IT).