Anonymous whistleblower system of the Crédit Agricole group

In order to demonstrate its commitment and the quality of its program to prevent unethical, illegal and criminal practices, the Crédit Agricole Group would like to support all company employees, external employees, business partners or suppliers who want to exercise their right to report grievances in order to protect corporate interests.

Hence, the Crédit Agricole Group enables everyone to use the Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS®) to present the circumstances and report facts that fall within the scope of the “whistleblowing” procedure. This system also guarantees a strictly confidential environment. You can use this to communicate with the contact person / investigator responsible for processing the report (via a secured mailbox), while the identity of the whistleblower is protected.


What is the BKMS®?

The BKMS® is a web-based system of the company Business Keeper AG. Anonymous reports are recorded and processed via the system.

If you want to remain anonymous, this application (BKMS® system) protects your anonymity through encryption and other special security measures. The personal data and information entered in this whistleblower system are encrypted and stored in a high-security data center and access is limited to a very small group of expressly authorized persons in the group.

How does a dialogue between whistleblower and administrator work?

It is possible to set up a mailbox that is secured with an individually selected pseudonym / user name and a password. The responsible person from Compliance will use this protected mailbox to give you feedback on what is happening with your information or ask questions if details are still unclear - you will remain anonymous during this dialogue.

This system only saves data within the reporting system, which makes it particularly secure. It is not a form of standard email communication.

How do I submit a whistleblowing message?

You can enter your notifications into the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. If you wish and set it up accordingly, communication will take place via an anonymous post box. The Business Keeper AG server is located in a high-security data center. IP addresses, time stamps or metadata are not saved. Tracing back to the sender and its identity is therefore impossible.

Submit a whistleblowing message

Please note:

When communicating in the whistleblower system, you should always ensure that no conclusions can be drawn about your identity. Therefore, to protect your anonymity, we have not linked the address. It is advisable to copy the link or copy it into the address window of the browser. The current address for entering the system can be found here.

Important instructions

  • Due to the French “Sapin II” law, the Crédit Agricole Group is obliged to maintain a group-wide whistleblower system that ensures the anonymity of the whistleblower.
  • The web link provided leads to the whistleblowing tool of the Crédit Agricole Group. If you select "CA L&F" as the affected group company and "Eurofactor GmbH" as the specific company concerned, your information will be sent to both the compliance department of Eurofactor GmbH and the compliance department of CA Leasing & Factoring S.A. (CA L&F) and Crédit Agricole S.A. (CA S.A.). In all three companies it can only be read and edited by a strictly limited group of people who are obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality.