Everybody who wants to achieve goals needs orientation.

The basis for the success of your business is the quality of your products and services. As a consequence, you have high expectations regarding the quality of the performance of your suppliers - including your financing partners.

We offer you competent support for your projects and tailor-made services for the individual needs of your company.

Fulfilling your high expectations - this is our target.

o achieve this goal we base our working relationship on the following 5 values. We have committed ourselves to these principles and they guide us in our daily activities.

Willingness to win together: In our industry we set the standard for performance and quality! We are sure of ourselves, our competence, the high motivation of our employees and that together we can achieve outstanding results in your competitive industry.

Innovation is our motivation: We view challenge in the ever-changing business world with interest and an opened mind. We support new ideas and initiatives. We always question existing procedures and services to see if they can be improved to meet the future needs of an evolving market place.

Customer satisfaction is our benchmark: You, our customer, are the focus of our attention. We listen to you in order to understand your needs. Our actions and processes are consequently focused on your needs and measured against the fulfilment of your expectations. This especially means quick delivery of top quality services at affordable prices. With our commitment to service we have a reputation as being a dynamic partner who is determined to develop long term business relationships.

Ambition and Commitment: Our organization is built on the principle of "flat hierarchies" and, in this way, we encourage our employees to develop their own initiative in an atmosphere of mutual confidence. Entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to take risks are rewarded. Our individual staff member gladly accepts the challenge of personally presenting a solution that meets your needs.

Respect: We provide you with comprehensive and honest information. Our actions are based on mutual respect and confidence. We keep our promises! For us reliability and honesty form the basis for a long-lasting partnership. It goes without saying that, the rules of business ethics are adhered to by our company.