Feedback process

We have committed ourselves to the highest level of customer service at CA Leasing & Factoring. Your concerns are important to us. However, it may happen from time to time that things do not work as desired.

When this happens, it is of greatest importance for us, to make it for you being our client easy to communicate to us your requests, so that we have the opportunity to correct mistakes and improve our service to all our customers.

We have therefore implemented a two-stage feedback process:

Stage 1: Inform us

Please inform us about the reason for your claim and how the cause could be resolved. For this we offer you several ways to contact us:

  • You call your account manager,
  • write him an e-mail
  • or a letter of complaint.

Stage 2: Escalation of request

Our goal is to successfully process your request within 72 hours. If, in exceptional cases, we are unable to remedy your complaint during this time, it will be forwarded to the responsible department manager in the second stage, who will take care of your request within another 72 hours.

Finally, if your request has still not been resolved, it will be redirected to the appropriate department head. You will then be contacted within 10 working days to discuss your concerns and find a solution.